GiC Rules


  • SSC (Safe Sane & Consensual) and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) MUST be followed in ALL SCENES.
  • ALL Edge Play must be discussed with a DM BEFORE the start of the scene. Edge includes but is not limited to  Knives, Needles, Wax, Blood, Suspension, Electricity, Violet Wand, and Sexual Activity. (If you are unsure if what you plan to do is Edge Play, Check with a Dungeon Monitor First.)
  • Breath Play is NOT allowed
  • All scenes must be negotiated with safe words in use.
  • Tops: Respect your bottoms. Negotiate and provide aftercare!

Sexual Play

  • ALL Sexual Play must be notified to a DM BEFORE a scene begins.
  • Yes, this is an unrestricted play party, but this is NOT a sex party. Sexual play is allowed, but this is a classy and entertaining night. This is not intended to be a “Sex Only” night.
  • Scenes MUST be mostly kink/BDSM style play but may have SOME sexual elements

Main Stage

  • Scenes on the main stage have a 45 minute time limit.
  • Must have DM approval to play on the Main Stage.
  • Please be respectful that the Main Hall is a social area. Loud noises (i.e. cracking whips, loud screams, etc) should be kept to a minimum.
  • Main stage is for general scenes only – Fire, Needles, Blood, and Explicit Sex or Sexual Activity are NOT allowed on the Main Stage.

Dungeon Etiquette

  • Clean ALL Dungeon Furniture before AND after play.
  • The Main Hall and common spaces are intended for socializing only. It is a safe space for people to mingle without interrupting any scenes.
  • Please watch scenes from a RESPECTABLE distance. Do not socialize in or directly outside of the play rooms/spaces.
  • Guests may not monopolize one room or play space for more than one hour.
  • No Predatory Behavior allowed (Please see a Dungeon Monitor if you are made to feel uncomfortable by another guest)
  • Our Dungeon Monitors are there for your safety and protection. DM’s HAVE FINAL SAY. Their directives are non-negotiable and all guests are required to adhere to them. Any guest who chooses to aggressively counter a Dungeon Monitor will be asked to leave.
  • Only water is allowed in the play rooms. No other food or drinks are allowed.
  • Red Ribbons indicate a guest is willing to discuss possible play.
  • Smoking area is for tobacco products ONLY.
  • No drunk and/or disorderly conduct.
  • Play is not permitted on the smoking patio.